Basement & Cellar Waterproofing for London & The Home Counties

Basement Waterproofing – London


AP Gooch LTD won this contract to design and install a waterproofing system in this iconic building near Tower Hill, London which was to be converted into a gymnasium.


AP Gooch’s very own CSSW Surveyor decided to use a combined system using a Type A waterproofing system over the existing soffits. The steels were grit blasted and sprayed with reinforced concrete to give strength and protection for years to come. The soffits were grit blasted and coated with two coats of Vandex BB75E and protected with waterproof renders. The floor slab and upstand were designed in conjunction with engineers calculations to comply with the British Standards.

The walls and floor had a Type C Cavity Drain System installed in conjunction with BS8102 2009 with two sump chambers containing a dual pumping system. This project was over 500 square meters and completed in 4 weeks.

Materials Specified

  • ULTRA 8 Membrane
  • ULTRA 20 Membrane
  • ULTRA Brick Plugs and Seals
  • ULTRA Double Tape
  • ULTRA Cornertape
  • ULTRA Drain Channel, Inspection Ports and Outlets
  • ULTRA Twin Pump x 2
  • ULTRA Free Lime Sealer

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